51 Best Summer Letter Board Quotes for Every Mood

May 31, 2024

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I know everyone has their favorite season… but can we all agree summer is just a vibe? I’ve collected this master list of summer quotes for you to use on a letter board in your house, at an event… or anywhere.

To make sure I got a quote that’s perfect for you, I organized them into different types. Here are all the different summer quotes you’ll find (you can click on them too):

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Simple & Short Summer Quotes

Some of the best summer letter board ideas are short, sweet, and simple phrases. Plus, it saves you from having to spend 30 minutes finding the right letter to stick on the board… I know you know.

1. Dear Summer, You’re My Favorite

Summer is absolutely my favorite season–I know there are plenty of people who don’t agree, but I mean, they’re wrong.


2. Easy Peasy Summer Breezy

In terms of short summer quotes, it doesn’t get much shorter or catchier than this. If you’re my kind of weird, it’s hard not to look at this and keep thinking of words to add on… lemon squeezy. Teezy.


3. Good Times & Tan Lines

This short summer quote isn’t one of the funnier ones… unless you’re me, and your skin is transparent. I am basically a Cullen, but I love the sun and it does NOT make me glitter. But I digress…. 

For most normal people, this is a really cute & simple summer letter board quote.

Gifted Gabber

4. Every Summer Has a Story

Only five words, and this might be one of the most dreamy & inspirational summertime quotes on this whole list! 

Psssst, get more ideas for Inspirational Letter Board Quotes in my other post!


5. Summer Is a State of Mind

Summer STILL makes me just as excited as I was when I was a kid who just finished the last day of school. Even though I’m an adult now who doesn’t get summers off…. Who do I talk to about that?

6. Let the Summer Fun Begin

I could picture this summer letter board quote on the kitchen counter of your AirBNB on your vacation…. Or just in your house.

7. Resting Beach Face

Okay this one is FUNNY. And it’s only three words–this one may be the winner of the summer beach quotes in my heart.

Sunshine Letterboard Quotes

This may be too niche, but I couldn’t collect my favorite summer quotes without having PLENTY about the sun. After living in Buffalo New York for so many years, I have taken a soul-deep vow to NEVER EVER LEAVE THE SUNSHINE AGAIN.

8. There is Sunshine in My Soul Today

This one just makes me go “Aww.” I know exactly what this means. This could be a good summer quote for a vacation, a wedding, or a honeymoon.

9. Girls Just Wanna Have Sun

Let’s go girls! DUN DUN NANA NA NAAA.
….I know that’s not the same song. But this one makes me want to sing Shania while I’m driving with my windows down. You don’t even need a beach for that kind of therapy!

Your Tango

10. Everything is Fine When There is Sunshine

This is the part where I tell you all the medical facts about how sunshine is so good for us…

Just kidding, I don’t know them. I mean I know it gives you vitamin D because I’m somehow always deficient. But um YEESS the sun is an important part of my mental health.

11. Create Your Own Sunshine

Are y’all appreciating how so many of these summer letter board quotes fit in multiple categories? This one feels so inspirational to me. It’s also pretty short which makes it ideal for even small letterboards!

Love Luck Kisses & Cake

12. I’ll Take Coffee with My Sunshine

Get in my fellow sunshine girls, we’re getting coffee! 

13. Sunshine On My Mind

You know when you’re sitting in your office, dreaming about being outside? Maybe on the beach, maybe in your garden, or maybe just anywhere BUT your office?

Ahem, I’m describing me right now.

14. Let the Sun Shine, Baby

Short, simple, summery–one of my favorite summer quotes.

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Summer Beach Quotes

I grew up in Pennsylvania and now live in Oklahoma… two places that are an unfortunately large distance from any beaches. But for a lot of people, the beach and sand and sun is the definition of summer.

These summer days quotes are for you guys… I’m over here, land-locked and jealous.

15. High Tides & Good Vibes

16. I Need Vitamin Sea

No but seriously, my doctor says I actually need Vitamin D. Which comes from the sun!

Y’all I am so scientific, aren’t I?


17. Sea You Soon

This short summer quote is great because I could actually see it being used at the beginning AND the end of summer. This could kind of motivate you to make it to your beach vacation, or it can remind you that you can always book another one. 😛 

18. Mentally on the Beach

This is a funny summer quote that would make a great social media or Instagram post. Or, if you want to be a rebel, this would be a hilarious thing to share on work on days when you’re feeling less than motivated.


19. Life’s a Beach, Enjoy the Waves

Oooh, I love this metaphor. This could turn your letterboard into a great piece of home decor that is inspirational, summery, AND beachy.

20. Sand in My Shower Means I Had a Great Day

This is another summer beach quote that I KNOW not everyone agrees with. Sand can be messy, but hey, have you ever used it to exfoliate your legs? It’s MAGIC.

Funny Summer Letter Board Quotes

Ah, this is my favorite part! Funny letter board quotes are my favorite, since most people only use letter boards for serious or inspirational things. These are my favorite funny summer quotes that are perfect for letterboards, and don’t forget to check out my giant list of funny letterboard quotes!

21. I’m Tired of Waking Up Not at the Beach

As an Oklahoman, I am landlocked and I feel this one IN MY SOUL. In fact, this funny summer quote might be even more perfect in the middle of winter–because in January, after the Christmas vibes have died away, THAT’S when I desperately want to wake up at the beach.

I'm tired of waking up not at the beach

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22. Is It Really August or Are You Julying Me?

This one is more PUNny than funny, but hey…. It could definitely be a perfect end of summer quote for your letterboard.

Is it August or are you Julying me

23. Alexa, Delete My Belly

All this talk about AI… why have we not developed THIS technology yet?!?

Alexa, delete my belly

24. Sunburn, Sunset, Repeat

If you’re looking for funny summer quotes that are also PAINFULLY accurate… and I *do* mean painful… well, you found it.

25. Alexa, Skip to Summer Break

Actually let me make this one even better: “Alexa, make summer break a real thing for adults.”

26. Crazy Sun of a Beach

This is another great quote for the beginning OR the end of summer. Or a great social media quote!

Summer crazy sun of a beach

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27. I’ve Been Waiting to Complain About This

By now you know that I (mostly) love the heat, but I know some people need a summer heat quote that accurately describes their dislike for it. You’re welcome. 😉

[I’ve Been Waiting All Winter to Start Complaining about the Summer Heat]

28. Thank Goodness It’s Finally Hot Enough to Justify My Laziness

“It’s too hot outside to do anything.” Well, now you can just change your letterboard to this and you’ve done something SUPER productive! 🙂

29. Summer Should Get a Speeding Ticket

Summer has a tendency to do 95 in a 35 and it’s not cool at all. Someone needs to teach summer to slow down and go with the flow.

– Me, who literally can never slow down

Summer should get a speeding ticket

30. It Is Unsticking Your Thighs from Plastic Chairs Season

Those short shorts should come with a warning label. Those chairs will TAKE NO MERCY.

It's unsticking your thighs from plastic chair letterboard

31. Vacation Calories Don’t Count

Am I right about this? Yeah, I’m right.

32. Lord, whatever you’re baking outside… it’s done

My Oklahoma/Texas area people will get this one. This was NOT an issue in upstate New York, but I get it now. 

33. August is the Sunday of Summer

Honestly, I’m not even sure if this one qualifies as a funny summer quote because it’s just so true. But I’ll keep it unless y’all yell at me.

34. Today Has Been Cancelled. Go Back to the Pool.


35. If You’re Not Barefoot, Then You’re Overdressed

Summer Lyrics

I absolutely could never make a list of summer letter board ideas without including song lyrics. Half of what makes summer such a vibe is the music… TELL ME I’M WRONG.

36. Here Comes the Sun

My sister walked down the aisle to this song, so it always makes me a little emotional. I also don’t think it’s possible to even read these lyrics without immediately thinking of the guitar notes right after this line.

37. Sunshine in My Pocket

….Got that good soul in my feet…. 

**Fun fact: When I first found this summer quote, I imagined it to the tune of Alanic Morisette instead. And I love that just as much.

Letterboard sunshine in my pocket

38. Walking on Sunshine

I'm walking on sunshine letter board

39. Summertime & the Living is Easy

Ella Fitzgerald just gets it.

Summertime is the livin is easy letterboard

Inspirational Summer Quotes

I have a whole other list of Inspirational Letter Board Quotes–but this section is especially summer-flavored.

40. Summer Has a Flavor Like No Other

HA, okay, I promise that I wrote that last line before I noticed this one coming next. I think I just proved Oprah right.

41. Some of the Best Memories are Made in Flip Flops

Ain’t this the truth! So many of my best memories–especially in childhood–happened in those cheap, plastic flip flops.

P.S. Does Old Navy still do that thing where they sell flip flops for $1 for like a week? What a time to be alive.

Summer quotes flip flops
Your Tango

42. Summer is the Height of Being Alive

“Summer is the height of being alive.” – Gary Shteyngart

43. Summer Darkened Her Skin, Lightened Her Hair, and Set a Fire in Her Heart

This sounds like a quote from a book, doesn’t it?

44. In Summer, the Song Sings Itself

  • William Carlos Williams

45. A Year Without Summer

A year without summer

I actually found two versions of this one. I prefer this one for a letterboard quote, but here’s the other version:

“A life without you is like a year without summer.” – Swedish Proverb

46. I Was Made for Sunny Days

“I was made for sunny days.” – Unknown

47. Summer’s Lease Hath All Too Short a Date

This is another great end of summer quote. Thanks, Shakespeare.

48. Summertime is Always the Best of What Might Be

Summertime is the best of what it might be

49. Beginning Over Again

This makes me want to read The Great Gatsby.

“I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.”

—F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

50. Everything Magical Happens in the Summer

“Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August.”

—Jenny Han, The Summer I Turned Pretty

51. Sunsets are Proof that Endings Can Be Beautiful

Hopefully this one also proves that the end of these ideas can be beautiful 😉

Sunsets endings can be beautiful

Letterboard Info

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Print that says home is where you take your pants off
Home Is Where You Take Your Pants Off Sign

I hope you found the perfect summer quote for your letter board (or something else) here–I need to go change my letterboard RIGHT NOW. Let me know what other questions you have on Instagram or TikTok. I can’t wait to hear from you 🙂 

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