How To Make Insanely Cheap Curtain Tiebacks In Under Five Minutes

June 28, 2019

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Have you ever walked into a beautifully designed room, looked around, and squealed, “Oh my goodness, I just LOVE those curtain tiebacks! They make the entire room!”

Um, no. You haven’t. Neither has anyone, ever.

And when you are on as strict of a budget as I have been, that’s pretty much the last thing you want to spend money on. It’s completely nuts that you could easily spend $20 – $30 on tiebacks for every window in your house! Just don’t do it.


Luckily, there are many ways you can make super cheap and easy DIY curtain tiebacks in only a few minutes… and you might even have all the supplies you need in your house already! But I’ll start with the most important thing: command hooks.

How to make cheap or free curtain tiebacks in less than 5 minutes.

Side note: I am not sponsored by Command, but I REALLY should be. I’m their biggest fan.

If you’re as obsessed as I am, you know that Command hooks come in a bunch of different sizes and types. There’s teeny clear ones (holds half a pound), small clear or white with silver hooks (holds half a pound again), medium clear ones (holds 2 pounds), medium white ones (hold 1 pound), pretty big white ones (holds 3 pounds), and the big mamas: white that holds 5 pounds, two silver and decorative that holds 5 pounds: the rounder kind and the thinner kind.

If you have any of them at home with you right now, you’re in luck! Any of them will work. However, if you use a wide ribbon like I did, you might want to use one with a thinner hook. These would be your safest best, but you’ll have to just test it out. I’ve also used the much smaller hooks.

The only other supply you need is some kind of ribbon, chain, rope, etc. That’s what’s fun about this: You can use ANYTHING to personalize your DIY curtain tiebacks.



LOL no. This is basically a joke of a tutorial.

First, stick the command hook on your wall beside your curtain. Then, if you’re using a ribbon, tie little loops on both ends of your ribbon.

Now hang one loop on your command hook, wrap it around your curtain, and put the other loop on the hook. And you have…. BRAND NEW CURTAIN TIEBACKS!

Limitless Design Ideas

Figuring this out was pretty much an accident. I had just refused to spend money curtain tiebacks for my daughter’s room, but one day I found a couple ribbons in her room and some flower hair clips, so I just threw them together a whim while she was busy playing.

Honestly, I expected it to look completely tacky–but it turned out so cute for her little room! And my obsession with easy DIY curtain tiebacks began.

*Edit: I know this picture quality is terrible. Please stay on the line while I move into a new house and redo curtain tiebacks.

Since I was just using hair clips we already had, all the flowers were different. And I loved that for her room.

Cheap Curtain Tiebacks Inspiration

Many months later, after we had sold that house and moved to Oklahoma, I found a random gold chain in her room.

Whyyyyy do I find so much random stuff in her room?! Kids are weird.

I knew it would look awesome and more elegant as a different kind of cheap curtain tieback, aaaand it does. I’m hoping to add more to it, but this result is still better than spending money for boring things!

Projects like these are my absolute favorite, because they are insanely quick, cheap, and easy, and 100% customizable. For example, I definitely plan on getting some more chains and making that a lot more special than it is now.

Here are just a few of approximately a million and seven other ways to make this project unique for you:

You could get cheap necklaces from the dollar store or garage sales and layer them.

When I finish doing that in Braela’s room, I’ll add it here 🙂

You could do some sailor knots in your rope to personalize it, or make it long enough to wrap twice.

Use an old belt or just plain leather.

Just using a different style, size, or color of ribbon would change your look completely. Then you could make one large felt flower or a fake flower.

Make an entire garland from felt flowers, fake flowers, felt balls, or even pom poms!

Get some big beads from a craft store and make your own curtain tiebacks. You could make it simple, like this one, or full of colors and shapes.

What the heck, you could even adjust the length of each one to make them unique!

The ideas are literally endless. It makes me want to go make different ones for each window we have! Which one is your favorite?

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