A Cheap and Easy Hanger Alternative

March 31, 2020

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This one is going to be quick and easy, my friends. But here’s a truth that I tried to deny for far too long: HANGERS DON’T WORK FOR MY FAMILY. That’s why I needed to find a hanger alternative.

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Why Hangers Don’t Work

For adults, hangers can work well. I’m not saying this product is fundamentally wrong–I just think it can be easier.

Yeah, I know, first world problems. But if/when you have kids, hangers just REALLY don’t work. And here’s why:

  1. Young kids can’t reach hangers.
  2. Even if they could reach hangers, they can’t put clothes on them until they’re 3 or so.
  3. Even when they’re 3, I can guarantee you that they’re not going to come in your front door, stop nicely, place their shoes perfectly on a shelf, and put their coat on a hanger. No ma’am.
  4. When you’re the parent of even one crazy toddler, are YOU going to stop and put your coats on hangers e.v.e.r.y.t.i.m.e you come in your front door? When I come in my front door with my kids, it has the same effect on the environment as a tornado.

…And I live in Oklahoma. I know.

And EVEN if you are one of these mystical creatures who hangs up your coats and all of your family members’ coats EVERY time you walk through your front door, wouldn’t you like that process to be quicker and easier?

So here are a few ideas.

One Way to Adjust Your Entryway For Kids

When we lived in our apartment, I put a bunch of these command hooks all around the closet, about a foot off the ground so my kids could use them. This was definitely a functional step up for us, but it turned out that that height was a little TOO low. Even when coats were hung and shoes were in the right bins, things felt cluttered at the bottom of the closet.

And that is NOT the goal. The goal is to have functional organization that also looks beautiful.

If I were to try that again, I wouldn’t put hooks all around the closet. You could use a set of hooks like these, so your kids still have access the hooks, but their jackets aren’t covering the entire bottom half of the space.

However, when we moved to our house a few weeks ago, I wanted to try something different. And thankfully, the first thing I tried is what I will lovingly call: the ultimate hanger alternative.

The Ultimate Hanger Alternative Solution

As soon as we moved, I knew the entryway was one of the first spaces I needed to get settled. At the time, I planned to use command hooks again but I kept looking at the bar, thinking, “It’s a shame I can’t utilize that bar at all.”

But then I realized–I can TOO utilize that bar! And they already mass-produce the exact object I need!

S-hooks, yall.

When I thought of this idea, I was picturing the heavy-duty home improvement store S-hooks, and I thought this solution would be purely for function and not super attractive. But luckily, Amazon had plenty of S-hooks that didn’t look like a construction project.

These are the exact S-hooks I got. They are beautiful (how weird is it that I’m this passionate about hooks? On a scale of 1-10? I accept it fully.). They are also…. ONLY EIGHT DOLLARS.

And here’s how it looks:

S-hooks as a hanger alternative

Don’t you look it looks a little neater than hangers? They’re great for backpacks and purses, too.

Advantages of S-hooks as a Hanger Alternative

The primary advantage of these is the EASE of it. Neither hangers or S-hooks require athelete-level coordination, but S-hooks are seriously faster and easier.

I personally like the way this looks more than I like hangers. That may not be the case for everyone, but I think it makes things look cleaner and not so cluttered.

Pro tip: Before you order your S-hooks, make sure you just like generally check the diameter of your bar. This isn’t difficult and doesn’t have to be perfect at all, it just ensures that you won’t order tiny hooks.

Disadvantages of S-hooks

I bet the first thought that went through your mind was this: “Won’t they fall off easily?”

And I will say that they do fall off the bar a little bit more easily than hangers would. However, unless you plan on consistently whacking your entryway or closet bar, this shouldn’t be a huge problem.

As long as you grab the hook or tag inside your jacket before you hang it, you won’t be dealing with falling hooks all the time.

Why It Matters

I know, they’re just hangers. But honestly, small things are this are exactly what makes the difference in how much you love your home.

Whether you live in your dream home or not, you should absolutely love it. And how do you transform a boring, stressful, or dysfunctional space? You analyze the things that DO work for you, the things you LOVE, and you make a plan.

This will happen with small things like your fruit bowl, your curtain tiebacks, and yes–even your hangers.

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