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Hi! I’m Kaylee, the owner of Mama and More. I am totally DIY-obsessed, and this blog is a growing collection of just some of the projects I’ve messed up & learned from.

You might have found me through Google or social media–I’m at @kayleesdiy on Instagram and TikTok. Come find me over there!

I also have two Etsy shops: 

  • Black Door Shop: Find super affordable prints for your home
  • Black Door Fits: Shirts, sweatshirts, coffee mugs, and tote bags that show your personality or make great gifts

Scroll down for more information about who I am & how you can connect with me.

normalize making mistakes

Where to start

As of 2023, this blog is about to celebrate its fifth birthday. I’m working on making this blog a more organized place so you can get as much value as possible. For now, here are some quick links to help you find what you might be looking for.

You can find affordable, fun, & inspirational prints on the Black Door Shop on Etsy, or fun t-shirts, mugs, totes, & gifts to reflect your DIY passions at Black Door Fits.

cactus art print set
DIY all day tshirt

What to Expect on Mama and More

In person, I’m almost always in leggings that probably have either sawdust or cat hair (or both) all over them. I’m constantly thinking of new ideas for projects, art prints, t-shirts, coffee mugs, and even full-blown businesses. (Not an exaggeration)

I spent the majority of my life telling myself “I’m just not creative” because I never felt that my creative ideas turned out well or were appreciated. It wasn’t until I went through some crazy stuff and started healing myself that I was able to accept that creativity isn’t about results.

At 30, I was diagnosed with ADHD, and not a single person in my life said, “What a surprise!” 😂

It made sense to me and to everyone I know immediately–and I’m so proud of it. While ADHD absolutely makes some things in life more difficult, it is an integral part of who I always have been, and I love it. It makes me so excited about life and helps me get way more done than I ever thought possible!

It also kind of forces me to be completely honest and open–if I tried to only show my house when it was clean, I would literally never post ANYTHING.

The best way to understand more about what I believe about DIY is to watch this video:



  • Adding value to my home
  • Creative and unique
  • Fun!

I’ve done many, many more projects than I have on this blog. The main reason for that is because I work REALLY HARD on each tutorial I publish, and sometimes they take me almost as long as the project itself!

I aim for every tutorial to be:


  • Easy to read
  • Detailed and thorough, especially including my mistakes
  • Honest — even when the result isn’t pretty (which is often!)
  • Encouraging

When someone reads one of my project tutorials, I want them to finish by thinking, “Now I feel fully equipped to try this myself.”
OR, in some cases, “Now that I see how it went for her, I think this project isn’t right for me.”

i strongly believe

Anyone can do big DIY projects–or learn to make their home beautiful and perfect for them.

And that we can enjoy the imperfect process.

how to connect

This is my favorite part! I LOVE it when people message me with questions or share the projects they’ve done after reading my posts.

The best places to connect with me are: 

  • TikTok: @kayleesdiy
  • Instagram: @kayleesdiy
  • Email: kaylee [at] mamaandmore [.] com (written this way to avoid spam)

If you’re a brand wanting to work with me or a business owner wanting help with SEO content, strategy, or editing, reach out to me on LinkedIn.

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