Hi! I’m Kaylee. I’m married to a really handsome nerd, and we have two really cute kids, Braela and Malachi. 

You are so much more than just a "mama," my friend.

When you read this blog, you’ll find lots of DIY tutorials, organization tips, decluttering tips, decorating ideas, and product reviews.

But I’ll always be honest with you. So you should start by knowing that I’m no professional designer, decorator, or organizer.  In fact, I’m naturally a messy person and I’m frequently leaving stuff out. My college roomate/BFF made a game of figuring what I had done based on the cabinets I left open. (I promise, she loved me.)

When I had my first home, I had no clue how to decorate. I loved actually doing it, but it always looked crappy. And for the longest time I could not figure out why!

But what I did know is that I have an inner DIY addict that CAN NOT BE TAMED.

And also, a husband who is even more messy than me, and two young children. And guess what–they are also messy

I know, it’s a true shock. But pick your jaw off the floor, and I’ll explain why I’m not a total fraud.

When I was a stay at home mom to two kids under two, I learned a few really important things about myself.

I REALLY needed some kind of creative outlet. It wasn’t just a cute little hobby.  It was a reminder that I had skills and that the work I was doing was making a tangible difference. Being a mom is the most important work I do, but actually seeing an improvement was really necessary and deeply encouraging.

I also found that putting effort into our home actually improved our whole family

When you love something–like I loved my kitchen after my $400 kitchen makeover, you’re a lot happier to spend time in it. And when a space truly fits your needs and is functional, it makes even the worst tasks much more manageable.

So I’m here to ask you: do you love your home?

Notice that I didn’t say “house,” because you could be living in your parent’s spare bedroom in the basement and still love it. Trust me–I moved out of a house into a small apartment, and things actually improved.

If your spaces don’t make your life easier or make you smile when you look at them, I get it. I was stuck there for a long time.

But transforming your space into something that fits you really doesn’t have to be complicated–I won’t be teaching you how to do any home renovations. It also doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or require design or woodworking skills. After all, I am just a mama (and more).

You can turn your home into a space you love.

And I can’t wait to see it.

Just hugging my bestie!

Nice to meet you. 🙂

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