27 Inspirational Letter Board Quotes

April 14, 2022

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Letter boards are such a beautiful and fun way to display quotes in your home. Even with all of the beautifully designed signs you can buy in stores or printables online–there’s just something special about these simple boards!

Thousands of people have loved my post with a collection of funny letter board quotes, so I decided after all this time that I should collect some of the most motivational or inspirational letter board quotes to go with it.

Of course, motivation and inspiration are highly subjective, so there will probably be just a handful of these quotes that truly resonate with you. But I hope these letter board quotes give you some ideas!

Feel free to send me some more ideas for quotes–I can never have enough!

Still looking for the right letter board for your home? There’s a huge variety of choices on Amazon or Target. As you scroll through this list, I’ll share links to a few of my favorites.

1. Well Done is Better Than Well Said

letterboard inspiration, Ben Franklin
Source: Etsy

I actually looked this one up to read more about its meaning, and it basically means it’s better to DO something than to just TALK about it. As a perfectionist with ADHD, I have a ton of ideas and often don’t do anything about them because I don’t think they’ll be good enough. If you’re like me, this quote probably resonates with you a lot.

2. Do More Things That Make You Forget To Check Your Phone

letterboard inspiration quotes, do more things to forget to check your phone
Source: Health

What are the things that make you forget to check your phone? As a very device-addicted culture, I think it’s worth noting things like this.

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3. Let Your Faith Be Bigger Than Your Fear

Letter board quotes, let your faith be bigger than your fear

Note that this doesn’t say “have no fear”–because fear usually doesn’t leave in an instant or with a snap of our fingers. Instead, it pretty much only goes away when we overcome it or replace it with something like faith.

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4. Punch Today in the Face

punch today in the face, funny sayings
Source: Etsy

I mean, I know I said that motivation was subjective, but if this doesn’t motivate you, I just don’t know.

Maybe this is really the answer to life… less negativity, more punching things.

5. The Fears We Don’t Face Become Our Limits

Inspirational letterboard, the fears we don't face become our limits

*That awkward moment when the writer of this blog post feels targetted and is speechless for the first and only time ever*

6. The World is Changed By Your Example

cute inspirational letter boards, the world is changed by your example
Source: Boutique Marketing Studio

Cough cough, can we show this to the internet trolls everywhere? Please?

How about we start by speaking kindly to each other?

7. If You’re Looking for a Sign, This Is It

Looking for a sign, letter board quotes
Source: Pinterest

Okay, this one might fall in the category of “fun quotes.” I admit it.

But it’s here, intentionally in the inspirational letter board quotes, because we don’t need a sign as often as we think we do. We might just need to have more courage.

8. Be Careful When You Follow the Masses

funny letter board quotes follow the masses
Source: Pinterest

Here’s a hard life lesson to learn: Not everyone has your best interests in mind.

In fact, most people don’t–even people with good intentions. This letter board might be best for fellow people pleasers when we need to remind ourselves to stand firm in our boundaries and resist what everyone else says is right.

9. The World Needs Who You Were Made to Be

Inspiration quotes for letter board ideas or wall
Source: Saved By Grace Co

Another quote I absolutely love.

We were all made for a purpose, but there’s so much that can lead us away from that.

P.S. I know this one isn’t a letter board. It’s shown on a wall and could be used as a letter ledge in your home decor.

10. If You Do What You’ve Always Done

If you do what youve always done letterboard quote
Source: Adventure a La Mode

Change is hard–but so is staying stuck. This quote would be a great reminder of how change is necessary to see the results.

I need this in my kitchen for when I’m eating extra fries and wondering why I have a bread body and not a bikini body. It’s a mystery…

11. Worrying Does Not Take Away Tomorrow’s Troubles

Worry does not take away tomorrow's troubles
Source: Pinterest

“Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?” Matthew 6:27

12. Do Small Things With Great Love

"Small things with great love, letterboard quotes
Source: Pinterest

If Mother Teresa doesn’t fit on a list of inspiration letter board quotes, I don’t know who would. Only good people bring this type of example of love and wisdom.

13. May the Flowers Remind Us

Flowers remind us the rain
Source: Pinterest

I’m the type of person who kills every plant that is unfortunate enough to come in contact with me. However, the very few times I have done any type of gardening, it’s clear to me that it has so many parallels and metaphors in life.

This quote seems like it would be most relevant in spring or summer, but its meaning is inspirational in every season.

P.S. You can get a wooden letter board like this one for under $15 on Amazon.

14. One Day or Day One

Day one letterboard quote
Source: Pinterest

It’s way too easy to get stuck in a cycle of bad habits and ungratefulness and discontentment. I love how this letter board quote reminds us that it ultimately comes down to us.

Our perspective and our choices can change our lives, and we can change them at any time.

15. Make the Days Count

Make the days count letterboard
Source: Pinterest

Have you ever been in a good emotional or mental place when counting down the days until something is over? Definitely not. What if we looked at those times–as miserable as they may be–as opportunities to make every moment mean something?

“Making memories” doesn’t always happen by accident, and the memories don’t have to be pleasant to be meaningful.

16. Grateful Happy People

Happy grateful people inspiration
Source: Pinterest

For as much talk as there is about happiness, it’s a terrible goal.

Happiness is a feeling–it may come on a random good day, when it’s somebody’s birthday, or when we think about a favorite childhood memory. But we probably don’t feel it when we’re paying bills or going through difficult times.

And if you are only happy when everything is going well, you’re going to be exhausted from constant emotional whiplash.

But it’s possible to be grateful in every situation.

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17. When You Focus on the Good the Good Gets Better

Letter board quote; focus on the good

I love how numbers 14-17 all have similar phrasings. Even though the meanings are different, it’s a simple change of words between the first and next sentence that makes a big point.

Sometimes all it takes is a small adjustment to change everything.

18. Say Yes to New Adventures

Say yes to new adventures black letter board with white letters
Source: Pinterest

Simple and motivational.

19. God Can Make a Bug’s Butt Light Up

God's butt light up
Source: Pinterest

This is one of my favorite quotes! I love how it’s motivational, completely true, AND hilarious. All at the same time.

P.S. If you like the look of a letter board with a white background, you can easily find them online. You might also like this Scrabble tile letter board for a slightly more unique look.

20. Nah

Rosa Parks inspiration quote
Source: Pinterest

It doesn’t get more inspirational than this.

Three letters to remind us how world-changing it can be when we refuse to accept injustice.

No is a full sentence.

21. Consistency is More Important Than Perfection

Consistency is more important than perfection, letter board saying

Ooooohhh this too real.

Please don’t go looking at the dates on my other posts and then realize how much I need this board in my life–maybe just plastered on my head, actually.

22. Who’s Going to Stop Me?

who's going to stop me, letter board quote
Source: Lovely Impact

Your decisions don’t require permission (or approval) from anyone else. Period.

23. Today is Your Opportunity to Build

Today is your opportunity to build
Source: Lovely Impact

As James Clear puts it, “All big things come from small beginnings. The seed of every habit is a single, tiny decision.”

If you haven’t read Atomic Habits, it’s one of the best small decisions you could make today.

24. I Am Ready To Face Any Challenge Foolish Enough to Face Me

Dwight Shrute letter board quote, ready to face a challenge
Source: Pinterest

Dwight Shrute?! Motivational?!


This is another funny letter board quote with a motivational piece to it. Aim to be as confident as Dwight Shrute–just maybe without the weapons and kung fu fighting (or whatever it was…).

P.S. I’m such a The Office nerd that I made a full list with all the best The Office home decor on the internet. It’s pretty great, I’m not gonna lie.

25. Be Brave Enough to Be Bad at Something New

Be brave enough to be bad at something new
Source: Pinterest

It doesn’t take any bravery to continue doing things you’re already great at.

Starting new things takes a crazy amount of bravery. Being bad at things takes a crazy amount of bravery.

But why do we have to be good at everything? Last I checked, you didn’t have to be Lebron James to think basketball is fun.

26. More Moves, Less Announcements

Favorite letter board quote, less announcements and more moves
Source: Pinterest

This one is very similar to the first letter board idea on this list. It’s easy to talk about what we’re going to do, it’s not as easy to do it.

Which leads us to the final quote:

27. Just Start

Just start, letter board quotes

This seems like a good time to end the quotes and take actions.

You got this!

If you have any other ideas that should be included–or if you have a letter board photo you want to be included–reach out!

Find me on Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook and show me what you use!

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