The Ultimate “The Office” Show Home Decor

April 17, 2020

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I consider The Office to be my show. I’ve seen every episode, I know all the quotes, and I continue to watch it over and over and OVER. And I mean, Pinterest perfect home design is great and all, but all I really want in my life is The Office show home decor.

Seriously guys, you have NO IDEA how much I wanted to just empty my bank account while I was finding these. It was the ultimate test of self-discipline.

You’ll notice that some of the products below have the same quote. That’s because those quotes are gold, obviously. And if you choose one of the products from Etsy, it’s likely that you can personalize it. I’ve ordered my share of Etsy products, and the sellers are usually more than happy to discuss that, even if they can’t personalize things.

What kind of the Office show home decor you’ll find:

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Digital wall prints for decor in Black Door Shop on Etsy
Printable wall art in Black Door Shop


The Convict Pillow

The Office home decor

This reversible sequin pillow actually comes in red and black, too. But if we’re being honest, are we ever going to change this from prison Mike’s face? I wouldn’t.

Stress Relief

The office pillow

If you want the creepiest possible The Office throw pillow, this is it, guys. ? Oh, Dwight.

The Worst Thing About Prison

The worst thing about prison is the dementors (home decor)

Okay, so now we’re getting into the products that are testing my self-discipline. This is just truly amazing.

Dwight, You Ignorant Pillow

Dwight, you ignorant slut pillow

One of my biggest claims to fame is that I had this as my letter board quote for a long time.

….I mean, I’m not very famous. But like, a LOT of people have loved my funny letter board quotes.

The Office Signs

There are SO MANY The Office signs online. If you like any of these but don’t LOVE them, click through and see what similar products are offered. Like I said, if you order through Etsy, there’s a good chance you can get something customized.


Dwight home decor

The Office Alphabet

Wayne Gretsky, Michael Scott

The office quote

If You Pray Enough

The Office home decor

As always, thank you Angela, for the spiritual guidance.

Italian Manners

The office home decor

In a world of COVID-19, this Office quote should be in every bathroom. Am I right? (I mean, my poop sign is probably a close second.)

The Office Sign

The Office sign

Okay, you can’t exactly see this sign very clearly, but it looks exactly like the sign in the Office intro. I must have this in my home office… like… yesterday.

Posters and Prints

Just note that most, if not all, of these do not automatically come with a frame. Some of them would be great without being framed, but I think something like this would make it stand out even more.

Beyonce, Always

The office decor

I think everyone could be helped by a large drawing of Michael Scott in their house.

Every Episode Poster

Oooooooohhh this is cool. If you want to be distracted in your office by looking at each image and thinking about that episode, this poster is for you!

But seriously, one image really stuck out to me. It’s the shot of Pam after Jim asks her out… one of my all-time favorite moments from the show!

Washing Your Hands (again)

The office home decor

You’ll see a lot of this style quotes from this seller, which is awesome. So make sure you check out all the options. 🙂

Just poopin’

The Office home decor

Honestly, one of my all-time favorite quotes of the show. “But Michael, it smells like throw up in here.”

Visual Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica

Bears, beets, battlestar galactica

I really love this one because it’s visual play on one of the most well-known Office quotes.

The Office Characters

The Office character decor

I really love the colors and design of this one. Even without a quote, it kind of honors the beauty of all the different characters in the show.

….Did I just go weirdly deep? Probably.

Men of the Office

The Office decor

Basically the three most comedic genius television characters of all time.


The Office quotes

How dare you, my family built this country.

Do Not Do That Thing

The office quotes

Life advice for everyone, truly.


This one is actually an instant download of this image. Too. dang. funny.

Glasses, Mugs, Kitchen Supplies

Kelly’s AGT Party Favor

The office mug

I’m so thankful for a world where I can pretend I actually got to attend Kelly Capor’s AGT watch party. Because YES these are actually customizable with your own dang face!

Ignorant Slut Whiskey Glass

The office glasses

Well, that’s a heading I never thought I’d type.

Pippity Poppity

The office mug

I must have this.

Prison Mike Magnet

The office magnet

Possibly the best $5 magnet you’ll ever see.

The Office Wooden Spoons

The office spoons

On an Office level, these are awesome. But on an artistic level, these are wood burned and I’m even more impressed!

Miscellaneous The Office Decor

The Office Blanket

This one is on the pricey end, but DANG! How cool is that.

Serenity By Jan

Serenity by Jan

Kevin Clock

The Office quote

I gotta say, when I started scrounging the internet for the best the Office show decor, this is not something I expected to find. But now I know it exists and I need it. Today.

Serenity, Not by Michael

Amazing that someone made a candle specifically for Michael Scott! Genius, am I right? 😉

The Office Pencils

The Office office supplies

I keep trying to pick a favorite title, and I keep changing it. This is pure genius.

Y’all, I don’t have words to express how much fun writing this post was. Let me know what your favorite thing is!

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