The Best Fall Window Box Ideas

September 16, 2019

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I really hate when people think window boxes can only be used in the Spring and Summer. The whole reason I built & hung a window box was because my house was desperate for the extra curb appeal–in every season! There was no way I was taking them down after a few months or leaving them empty!

Plus, there are plenty of ways to decorate a Fall window box beautifully.

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In fact, there are lots of flowers and plants that thrive in the Fall, and they really are beautiful.

But let’s just be honest with each other, okay? I am TERRIBLE at planting things.

My parents are gardening experts, but I just never got that gene. It just wasn’t in the cards for me. When they start talking about perennials and shrubbery and the east-facing side of my house… it just went right over my head.

SO, this list is meant to give you some inspiration and some plant and color ideas… but it definitely won’t include landscaping or planting information.

Without further ado (there’s already been a lot of “ado”), here are some of the best easy window box decorations for Autumn.

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#1: The Easiest Decoration for Fall Window Boxes

Back in 2018, after I had built my window boxes and the summer flowers in my window box were fading away, I took them out and replaced them with mini pumpkins.

Decorate your window box for Fall!

Honestly, it was awesome. It cost like $8 for all the pumpkins, and it looked adorable.

However, I didn’t get any pictures because I was keeping my family afloat in one of the hardest seasons of our lives. TMI? Okay, probably. But to make it up to you, I’ll give you a bunch MORE window box ideas! Maybe you’ll forgive me.

12 Fall Window Boxes & Ideas

Pumpkins, pumpkins, and only pumpkins

I personally took all of the plants out of my window box and had only mini-pumpkins, and I loved it. If you choose to use mini pumpkins, you can still make it totally unique! Here are a few different ideas to make an all-pumpkin window box different:

  • Use orange pumpkins of the same size OR orange pumpkins of all different sizes
  • Combine orange pumpkins and white ones, like I did. (Note: I’m guessing those white pumpkins aren’t technically pumpkins? Someone correct me. #notaplantperson)
  • Combine orange pumpkins, white pumpkins, yellow pumpkins, and gourds!

Pumpkins and Greenery

What many other people choose to do is combine Fall plants with green leaves and pumpkins in their window box. Here are some of my favorite examples:

The most unique Fall window box ideas

I love that this one has multiple colors of pumpkins and that they are stacked up high. All those beautiful Fall colors and warm tones are highlighted in this one box.

The best ideas to decorate your window box for Fall

This one is more of a pattern. All the pumpkins are similar sizes with the same kinds of ornamental grass surrounding them. This was definitely created by a Type A personality (ahem, not me).

This one is a little bit more simple, with so much beauty! The large large pumpkin is a focal point, with two other large-ish pumpkins and a few tiny white ones thrown in.

I love these pumpkins with the greenery that hangs down. This really makes the orange of the pumpkins pop, and it’s beautiful!

Best ideas to decorate your window box for Fall!

As someone who LOVES color, I really love how this box used white colored pumpkins to highlight the natural colors in the plants (even if they’re fake plants).

Of course, these pumpkins were clearly painted, but using different sizes within the multi-colored shrubbery has an awesome effect.

Unique Fall window box ideas!

This combo of tiny pumpkins, small amount of greenery, and some other plants and decor pieces thrown in is probably one of the most affordable Fall window boxes on this list!

This shows how much you can personalize a window box and add your own unique stamp to it. I’m not sure I love the mushroom decor, but that’s the point–we should all be unique!

Best Fall window box ideas

In this white window box, the deep orange and yellow colors of autumn really stand out. I love these bright colors!

The best ideas for your window box in Fall.
Oh My Creative

We have to start this one by noting that this is simply matching flower pots all side by side, not an actual box—and it looks beautiful! Who knew potted plants could be so impactful?!

This is another example of FAKE flowers and greenery, just put together beautifully. They used some ornamental grasses to fill up the space and add texture.

I’m not sure how you can see something like this and not want to make a beautiful Fall window box immediately.

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Make your window boxes beautiful for Fall!

Three pumpkins, huge impact. The addition of small mums in between is also a great option if you still want a few flowers in your Fall window box.

The best unique Fall window box ideas

Again, this is another extremely simple and cheap option. It’s really just a few flowers and a few of the tiniest kind of pumpkins. And it’s stunning!

Apples and Greenery

Fall window box ideas

Apples! I never would have thought of this on my own–but I absolutely love it. This is also a great bridge from late summer to Fall, with colors that look beautiful during both seasons.

Painted Pumpkins

Easy Fall window box ideas

I meeeeeaaannn. I FREAKING LOVE THIS.

If you’ve read this blog at all, you know I REALLY like to infuse personality into my home. REALLY.

(I may or may not have a page on this blog titled “Poop Sign Printable.” And a big collection of funny letter board quotes. And a full page dedicated to The Office home decor.)

So this one is TOTALLY up my alley.

This would make your window box such a great, fun part of your halloween decorations!

Of course, if it were me, I would put my own style on these and I would hope you’d do the same! Here are a few alternative types of painted pumpkins:

Fall Flowers and Plant Ideas

If you’re like me and don’t have much knowledge about plants, I went ahead and did some digging for you–not the dirt kind of digging, but the internet kind.

The great thing about this is that you can still use fake plants, but this will help you choose plants that are actually appropriate for Fall. Yeah…. we’re being sneaky. 😉

Here are some great Fall plant ideas:

  • Mums: Okay, this is probably the most obvious kind. But they’re amazing because you can so many different varieties and shades, like white mums, orange, yellow, or purple, and they’ll bloom all season long.
  • Ornamental kale (or flowering kale): I did NOT know this was a thing–this is so beautiful! The foliage is green, purple, and sometimes even looks blue… I’m melting
  • Creeping jenny: These are almost lime green colored, which I personally find absolutely amazing–especially beside deep orange and red colors of fall. They’re also cold hardy for zones 4-9, so they could be used in a window box from fall to winter all the way to summer
  • Sweet potato vine: This is one of the few plants I actually recognize, because I love these! They’re comparable to creeping jenny plants because they hang and can come in almost a lime green color, but these leaves can also be deep purple.
  • Ornamental peppers: ANOTHER one I had never heard about. But kind of genius!
  • Succulents: When do succulents NOT look amazing!? I am obsessed with these!
  • Marigolds: These have a resemblance to mums, but mostly grow in yellows and oranges (hence the name “gold”), and the flower blooms are thinner than mums, so they could be added to a crowded window box
  • Purple fountain grass: This is literally tall, purple grass. I wouldn’t be attracted to this individually, but would be great with the other deep colors of Fall
  • Coleus: This is a plant I am regularly attracted to, on the brief periods I attempt to learn more about plants–its foliage is red and green, and it’s beautiful.

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Final Notes About Fall Decorations

If you think you’re terrible at decorating (aheam, like me), Fall is a great season. It’s as simple as adding pumpkins around the outside of your house–it almost always looks adorable! Seriously.

Also, make sure your window boxes can handle the weight of the pumpkins. A few small pumpkins won’t be very heavy, but if you pile on three large pumpkins, just make sure your window box is attached properly.

I hope this post was helpful! I work hard to make my posts as honest, authentic, and detailed as I can to encourage you to GO FOR IT.

I’m always happy to answer any questions celebrate your wins, and look for even more ideas. Find me through email, on TikTok, or Instagram, and let’s chat!

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The best and easiest Fall window box ideas
The best and easiest Fall window box ideas!
The best Fall window box ideas.
The best and most unique window box ideas for Fall!
The best Fall window box ideas


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