Three DIY Ideas for Your Home Office

October 4, 2019

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Tess Cain works at Eco Office by day and is a fitness fanatic by night. She also has a deep passion for helping people in any and every way she can, from giving her time to the local homeless shelter to writing articles online on topics she has a deep passion for, you can be sure that if there is a cause or someone in need then you’ll likely find Tess there.

When we set out to create a workspace in our house and call it our home office, we look at it as more than just a professional space. We also want to give it a personal touch. Something that speaks to us, that calls us to the workspace even on the laziest days.

I can say that for me, it has always been extremely important that the aesthetic of the office space, whether it is a whole room or just a small nook should align with my own vibe while I am at work.

But I also do not like to compromise even slightly on the ergonomics. I need stationery, documents or files and electronic devices to be within handy reach at all times. Is that too much to ask? Well, maybe it isn’t.

But in the process of creating and curating my own workspace, I have realized that cookie-cutter solutions often don’t work. The shelves are sometimes the wrong size, or the filing cabinet too wide. But I have found a way around it, and the answer lies in the concept of the Do-it-Yourself culture or the DIY culture for short.

Here are a few DIY hacks and ideas that have helped me spruce up my space.

1. Build A Multi-Purpose Wall Shelf Desk

Awesome shelves from kaita-liina!

The idea is similar to that of floating shelves, except that you can use it as a desk. The supplies you need are:

  • Shelf track and twin track bracket
  • Spray paint
  • Wooden board (you choose the size and number)
  • Paint or stain

Start with applying a layer of primer and then spray painting the tracks. Even though they will dry fast, give them time or else you’ll end up with scratches.

As your next step, mark all the holes for all the tracks first and then drill into all the marked spots on the wall. Word of caution: make sure you use a measuring tape for the spotting. After all, you do not want to end up with a crooked shelf or table.

Hammer the anchors into the wall at these spots, and then screw each track in. It is completely your choice if you want a desk too, but the shelves can then be placed on the shelf brackets. 

This is DIY to its core: you even get to decide the exact configuration of the shelf/desk.

Here’s another way to personalize it.

Enthusiast Home

2. Add Storage

The best part about any DIY exercise is that you can put your discarded items to good use. Nowhere else is it more evident than in the case of storage boxes, filing cabinets and kits. Here are a few crafty ideas for you to bring more storage blocks to your office. 

  • Use old shipping and shopping boxes (think the cuboidal shapes of the classic shoebox) and create a pen stand or file stand out of them. All you’d need to do is paint it over on the outside, and if needed insert cardboard pieces to make compartments within the box itself.
  • You can use a piece of old clothing and use it as a cover for a box of cans or diapers, and voila, you have a spacious box that looks classy as well. To add to the hygge feel of your office nook, you can use an old sweater for this purpose.
  • You can also transform a basket into a storage box using the same technique. If you feel creative try crochet pattern that aligns with the theme of your work. Are you a freelance writer? Crochet a pen or book or your favorite quote on it. A freelance designer? Get those web codes on the fabric.
  • You can get a meshed desk file holder and dress it up in a piece of fabric or in a sturdy crafty paper to declutter the paper-related mess from your desk.

In fact, the same theme could apply to your trash can, you know the one where shredded paper and stationery refuse is dumped. 

3. Go Green with Succulents and Planters

Plants can inject life into a sterile office, boost your mood, productivity, creativity, focus and reduce stress and fatigue. While you can choose between indoor plants or succulents, the planters give you a lot of scope for creativity. If you choose to go the DIY route, you can possibly bring your old discarded knickknacks back into use.

  • I have always preferred using old cups as planters. It is so much better than discarding a cup that is either slightly smudged or chipped on the edges. In fact, the handles also make it easy to water the plants. So you can just paint over the old cups, or stick up a cutesy bow and you have a very glamorous planter for your succulent babies.
  • Have an old coffee pot that you are holding on to? Your inner hoarder would be pleased to know that you can create a mini-aquarium out of your old dysfunctional coffee pot. Just get small Tillandsia plants, some green moss, decorative aquarium stones, and you have a pleasant, miniature aqua-world at your disposal.
Ginger Casa
  • If you want a static plant, make yourself a couple of wall planters by gluing wooden rings to your wall. 
  • Use your crochet skills to make DIY succulents!
  • If you like making a statement or joke or just for the sake of irony, create a pot from clay and place a tiny spiny cactus inside this softest of planters.
  • The simplest of DIY planters will make use of the unused spaces in your office room. Have a window sill that is collecting dust? A trough planter could liven up your window view effortlessly. Fill up wooden panes with soil and decorative stones. Then punctuate the soil with tiny succulents or indoor plants.
3 DIY home office ideas
  • If nothing else attracts you, choose the classic and unbeatable origami planters – fun and crafty to make, easy to maintain and you won’t have to incur a huge expense to replace them. Just a few folds of a thick sheet of paper and you are ready to be a plant parent.
Crescent Garden
  • One last idea is upcycling a glass jar. Have a glass jar that is lying unused? There is a lot that can be done with it – you can either hang it or suspend it from the roof with a succulent or paint over it and give it a new personality.

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