The 46 Best Funny Letter Board Quotes

August 14, 2019

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I didn’t tell you guys, but I recently went on a mission. A mission to find the best funny letter board quotes.

Why are all these letter board ideas so FUN?! I love how these cute little boards can make it so easy to display a beautiful quote or Bible verse in your house. OR… they can be ridiculous.

I prefer ridiculous.

If you don’t already have a letter board, there are sooo many sizes and colors. I got mine on Facebook marketplace (read my tips for selling on Facebook marketplace here), but there are a bunch of choices on Amazon.

You can get boards with grey background, or a different one with a choice of print and cursive letters. Either way, let’s get to the funniest letter board quotes of all, shall we?

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1. Somewhere In Between


As an elder millennial, I relate to this letter board quote. You could also replace “snapchat” with “TikTok.”

(Even though I’m totally on TikTok)

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2. A Letter Board Quote about Parenting


An accurate narration of parenting. It’s funny, because it would be awful to actually have my parenting narrated all day long.

3. Where’s My Crown?

From Hive’Tique

4. Probably Close Though


5. Put On Your Positive Pants


By “positive pants,” do you think they mean fleece-lined yoga pants? Probably.

6. I’m Yours… So There

Such A Sweetheart

7. No More Outside Stuff


8. Just a Second, Gotta Overthink

9. Gangster’s Paradise


It’s possible this one is not meant as a joke–but I’m imagining it in my living room, surrounded by stuffed animals and toys.

Oh yeah, that’s the gangster life.

10. Why I Buy Bananas

11. I Impress Myself

The best funny letterboard quotes

12. Stop Aiming for First Place


I really wish that a lot more people had this one in their homes. šŸ™‚

13. Check, check, and check


If there’s one thing I’m great at, it’s awkwardness.

14. Upleveling

IG: @thelittlegreenbean

15. All of my Butt


16. Decaff Coffee


17. What Life Isn’t


18. Just Tell Me


19. Sorry, but No


20. Not Winning

DIY Darlin

21. Check Yourself Before You… Ya know


22. Got It All Together


23. A Helpful Idea


24. The Truth About Letter Boards




26. Maybe She’s Born With It

27. “Would poop here again.”

Okay, so this one isn’t on a letter board (yet), but it would make a pretty great one. I had to include it because that’s how hilarious I think my bathroom sign is.

28. Auto Correct


29. Rap About Real Life

Culinary Bee

30. Pull Yourself Together, Netflix

Funny Beaver

31. The Only Gauge We Need


32. I Be Knowing


33. No Bills

Your Tango

34. Fri-not-day


35. Chocolate Fast Not Going Well


36. Best Things are Late

Hostel Geeks

Now, because lyrics can make the BEST funny letter board quotes, the next section contains some of the best lyrics of all time.

37. Always love you

38. Despacito


39. The Office Letter Board Quotes


40. Dwight, You Ignorant Slut

My Instagram! @mamaandmore

41. The Only Time I Set the Bar Low


42. All I Want

Mama and More

43. Not a Joke, Jim

The Regular Folks

44. Chandler Bing


45. Parks and Recreation Letter Board Quotes

PS, if you’re awesome/love Parks and Rec, you should check out my post on the best Parks and Rec decor.

46. All Andy Dwyer Knows

47. Pizza is Truly Power


This is one of my all time favorite April quotes.

48. Oh, Jean-Ralphio


49. Schmidt Just Gets it


50. Reasons to Let it Out


Obviously this isn’t on a letter board–yet. Will you be the first?

(If you are, obviously I think you have awesome taste, and you should most definitely send me a picture. šŸ™‚

Do you know of any other unique and funny letter board quotes that I missed? I’d love to link to you or shout out on Instagram.

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