How to Make a DIY Hanging Fruit Basket

November 18, 2019

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Turning your home into a place that you love means identifying everything that doesn’t work well in your home. Alllll the way down to minor things, like your fruit basket.

 How to Make a DIY Hanging Fruit Basket

For years, I had this regular fruit bowl. It was kind of pretty and it basically did the job. However, I always hated that it only took one bunch of bananas and two apples and the bowl was overflowing. I wanted to be feeding my family a lot more produce, and this situation did not encourage that.

Plus, it had to sit either on my kitchen counters or on my dining room table. And now that we live in a small apartment, both of those spaces are valuable!

Then one day when I was on Pinterest, I saw a hanging fruit basket. I had seen hanging fruit baskets before, but none of them were functional for my space… except for this one.

I kid you not, half an hour later I was at Lowe’s buying supplies to build my DIY hanging fruit basket. But not just any hanging fruit basket… a DOUBLE fruit basket for my wall!

DIY Wall Hanging Fruit Basket

*Angels singing*

There were a few hiccups to this project, so I wouldn’t say it was one of the easiest DIY projects I’ve ever done. However, this tutorial can save you some extra time and effort. Either way, it still only took me about two days $12 of wood and screws, $30 for two baskets, and it’s changed MY LIFE.

Well, maybe just my kitchen. But I mean, the state of my kitchen generally reflects the state of my life.


  • Wood: I used 1x4s for the front, and 1x2s for the back
  • Flat steel bracket: Instead of using 1x2s and adding to the depth of this shelf, you can use steel brackets instead (updated April 2020)
  • Nails or wood screws to put the wood together: They need to be long enough to go through the wood, if you use it, but not too long for your front pieces
  • Wood glue (optional, but helpful)
  • Wood stain or paint: I used Varathane Dark Walnut
  • Toggle bolts: I normally use wall anchors, but in this case I had 2 inches of wood to screw through BEFORE the anchor would hit the wall. I haven’t found wall anchors that are 2.5 or 3 inches long… so toggle bolts it was.
  • Screw hooks: These are to attach the baskets. If you order these online, you’ll actually have many more options of colors and sizes. Make sure you don’t get an obnoxiously large hook… you want it to be subtle.
  • Wire baskets: You chose the style! I’m sure you can find them cheap from Walmart or even the dollar store. I was in a rush, so I got these baskets mine from Target for $15 each.

DIY Hanging Fruit Basket Directions

Step 1: Build the Back Wooden Piece

How to Build a DIY Hanging Fruit Basket

First, make sure you have all the wood you need and that it’s cut to the right measurements. I chose to cut my wood to different lengths and stagger it, but of course you could make yours a simple rectangle.

Once you have your wood placed exactly how you want it, take your 1x2s and line them up on the BACK of your wood. Then drill a pilot hole, then drill those screws into each piece of wood. Quick and easy.

How to Build a DIY Hanging Fruit Basket

Update April 2020: I recommend using a steel bracket for the back instead of wood. They both work well, but you will have more installation options with a bracket.

Step two: Stain or Paint

My favorite part!

For this one, I used Dark Walnut stain. I suggest using Minwax Pre-Stain, because it helps your wood soak up the stain better. However… I didn’t have any and was WAY too eager to finish this project.

How to Build a DIY Hanging Fruit Basket

You can also paint the wood any color you want.

Well that was an easy step. Let’s move on.

Step Three: Attach Basket Hooks

Obviously, attaching screw hooks is a super easy job. But before you go screwing them in, you need to check a few things.

Check Basket Placement

First of all, make sure you know exactly where you want your baskets to hang. Just place your baskets on your wood and make a small mark where the hooks should go.

DIY Wall Hanging Fruit Basket

Pssst. This picture shows why that step is important. If you just screw the hooks on first, the baskets are going to look super wonky.

Check Toggle Bolt Placement

You also need to check that your hooks don’t take the place that you need for your toggle bolts.

The toggle bolts will need to go through the front side of the wood, and the anchor pieces on the back. Therefore, don’t put your screw hooks in that spot.

Also, the screw head of your toggle bolts IS going to show on your wood. To disguise that, think about the placement of your baskets on top of that spot.

This is how mine looks. You really can’t see the screws unless you’re looking for them.

DIY Hanging Fruit Basket Tutorial

Make sense?

Check Hook Opening

Finally, take a look at your screw hooks. The ones I got are basically closed out of the package. Obviously, the basket isn’t going to magically fit through that.

And sadly, there is no amazing tool or solution I used to solve that problem. Instead, my husband and I had to take turns using pliers and our brute strength to pull the hooks apart enough for the basket. It was pretty obnoxious, I won’t lie.

The only way to avoid that annoying part of this process is to buy different hooks. If you buy hooks online, you have a lot more options. For example, these hooks have a super wide opening that would have saved my poor little fingers.

Attach the Screw Hooks (Finally)

When your sure the hooks are in the right spot, just drill a small pilot hole and then screw those hooks in.

I just used my hand, but I plan to buy this Universal Grip Adapter.

Attach Wood to Wall Using Toggle Bolts

Ooookay. Toggle bolt time.

This was actually my first time using toggle bolts, because I’m really a fan of wall anchors. However, as I stated above, anchors weren’t an option for my DIY hanging fruit basket.

I got plastic ones, purely because they were 3.5 inches long. They looked like this:

DIY Wall Hanging Fruit Basket

How to Use Plastic Toggle Bolts

The instructions I looked up to use toggle bolts did not tell me anything about this plastic kind. So when I opened the package and read, “Insert the bolt and then snap it off,” I was hella confused.

So here’s a simple layout of how to use plastic toggle bolts.

  1. Drill a large pilot hole. The package will probably tell you which drill bit size to use. I used 3/16.
  2. Insert the toggle bolt.
  3. Use the plastic tip to straighten it out.
  4. Push the plastic piece all the way into the wall, until it sits flush with the wall surface.
  5. There should be a long plastic piece sticking out from your wall. Move it side to side and it’ll snap right off.
  6. Screw the bolt into the hole, and walaaah.

I’m hoping to add a video tutorial to help with this soon, so let me know if you have any more questions about these plastic toggle bolts.

Hang Baskets and Add Fruit

Once your wood piece is secure on the wall, you can simply hang your basket on your hooks.

DIY Wall Hanging Fruit Basket
Ta daaaaaaa

Then step back and admire your beautiful new DIY hanging fruit basket. This holds more than double what my old fruit basket held, and takes up zero surface space.

Plus, it’s SO BEAUTIFUL. I was hesitant to spend $30 on the baskets, but they were so worth it to make this as functional and beautiful as it is.

Turning your home into a place you love means identifying every little piece of your home that you don’t love or that just doesn’t work well, and this is a perfect example.

Put your DIY hanging fruit basket questions in the comments! I can’t wait to see what you do. 🙂

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Easy DIY Hanging Fruit Basket
DIY Hanging Fruit Basket
Easy DIY Hanging Fruit Basket


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