DIY Home Projects for Busy People on a Budget: The ULTIMATE Collection

Your home is awesome.

Do you really believe that? Or are you just looking around, feeling like your space is cluttered and unfinished?

For years, I tried desperately to make my home beautiful on a tiny budget.

But it always looked like it was done on a budget. Actually, it looked like it was done by a fourth grader.

I had high hopes for my home, but couldn’t ever reach them.

I toId myself things like this:

It’s because I’m not a designer. I just don’t know enough about DIY to try things. It’s because I have two young kids. It’s because my budget isn’t big enough.

What are your excuses?

When I finally learned how to transform my home, it wasn’t because my budget changed. It wasn’t because my kids were less needy. I didn’t become a designer overnight. And it definitely wasn’t because I learned everything about using tools.

It was because I changed my perspective.

Even if you are a stay home mom, a working mom, a professional with long hours, a total beginner, or if you have a tiny budget–you can still transform your home.

Want to take your kitchen from ugly, orange, and overwhelming to fresh, new, and open without buying anything new? You can do it

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Want to take the ugly quirks about your house and turn them into something eye-catching and unique?  You can do it

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To help you get started, I created this FREE master list of DIY projects that can change your home.

It’s overwhelming when you don’t know where to start, and your supply of time and money is tiny. That’s why you won’t see projects like, “knock down your kitchen wall,” or “build a deck.”

Instead, you’ll find projects that are easy, affordable, and will contribute to your home’s design and personality. 

This list was made for you. 

And when you download the list from the PINK square, you’ll also receive a bonus guarantee and my Project Planning Printable

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